new blog housekeeping

Oy, trying to learn a new thing is hard going, and frustrating. I’m a whiz on Blogger and WordPress (both .com and .org) platforms, but this squarespace world is so different and annoying. There are things I just can’t figure out [yet] and some of the ways I have to do things are very irritating. WordPress made it simple to add an image and have it float at the margin of a paragraph. Not here, bub. ​

I also do not like the comment system; if I went with the relatively simple system built into squarespace, I wouldn’t have spam control. So I added Disqus, which gives me control over spam and other nice things, but that adds a layer of complication to the already nearly invisible comment system. (edit: I hate the comment system and am going to investigate later.) I hate to have any system that makes it less likely you’ll leave a comment, and maybe I can keep tweaking it, but here’s what you need to know:​

When you click on the “Post a comment” link in the sidebar, it seems like nothing happened! You’re right back at the top of the post. But if you scroll down, you’ll see the comment window. From there, you know what to do (and it’s pretty straightforward). The icon doesn’t show if there are comments already, I don’t like that, but maybe I can fix it. If you like the post, you can also click on the little heart — do it once, just to see what happens! It’s nice, a little fountain spray of red hearts on your screen. (If you didn’t really like the post, you can click it again to unlike.) 

​It seems like if I change the template — and there aren’t many to choose from — I lose all the sidebar stuff I’ve done so it’s dicey. I don’t like that I can’t impose a hierarchy on the categories, or make a dropdown menu of them, but I’m stuck. All these limitations and hassles are much better than dealing with crazy stalker woman, so I’ll just deal.

My cellphone has once again died; I have a Motorola Droid, and within the first year it croaked, and I had to get a new one. Several months later, the new one also croaked. I’m getting an iPhone later this week​; the worst thing about my phone dying is that I read on it in the middle of the night so now I have to get out of bed and sit in the living room, which makes it less likely I’ll fall back to sleep. So here I sit, at 5am in my brightly lit living room, writing a post complaining about technology. I’d much rather be in my very dark bedroom, feeling the warmth of my husband sleeping next to me, reading about Achilles and Patroclus. I hope technology is not letting you down today. Happy Tuesday, y’all!​