This is my year-long project, and it will be awkward since there are 12 months and 16 items on the list. That’s one every 3.25 weeks, apparently, if you do the math. My project is inspired by this post on the always inspiring site, Brain Pickings. The post lists 16 resolutions, each supported by one person’s work, from poets to dancers to writers to philosophers and thinkers. Each resolution focuses on one book by or about that person. My project this year will be to think deeply about each of these resolutions, since they are all values or ideas I believe are important, and read the book linked in that post. To make it quick and easy for myself, I’ve linked each item in the list below to the pertinent book. Join me if you want to, or just read the post I write when I finish.

1. Cultivate honorable relationships [my post, reformulated as “Cultivate honest relationships”]
2. Resist absentminded busyness [my post, reformulated as “Experience what is actually happening”]
3. Live the questions [my post, enlarged as “Be patient, and live and love the questions”]
4. Pay attention to the world [my post, reformulated as “The stories you tell have great moral weight”]
5. Make room for “fruitful monotony” [my post, reformulated as “Be alone with yourself, without distraction]
6. Refuse to play the perfection game [post]
7. Master the art of loving [post]
8. Choose understanding over judgment [post]
9. Make use of your suffering [post]
10. Tell the world how to treat you [post]
11. Use discipline to catalyze creative magic [post]
12. Heed the intelligence of the emotions [post]
13. Master the art of growing older [post]
14. Walk your own path [post]
15. Embrace your divine dissatisfaction [post]
16. Celebrate enoughness [post]