what is it with me and circles

Apparently I’ve written 20 posts about circles, including one post explicitly titled ‘circles.’ I love closing a circle, and I’m not the only one, of course. I really adored this thing Roger Ebert wrote in his lovely memoir, Life Itself: “I may appear to suffer from some sort of compulsive repetition syndrome, but these rituals are important … Continue reading “what is it with me and circles”


I had such a magnificent week. A beautiful phone call from Marnie on Monday, and time with a friend, with great food and even presents for me [unexpected!]. Story hour at the library with Oliver on Tuesday, and an extraordinary meeting of my poetry group in my house Tuesday night, just extraordinary. A conversation with … Continue reading “circles”

short and quick

Just a note of re-entry to mark the end of my two-day retreat offline. My kneejerk note would be something like, “It was tremendous.” And in moments, it was! In other moments it was boring. In fewer moments than I expected, it was anxious. In many fewer moments than I expected, it was insightful. Mostly, it … Continue reading “short and quick”

Heinz-ing it

Well, I’ve gone so many miles since my last post, and my flux-ing life has fluxed, so I thought I’d get a little post written to do a quick catch-up. Just as with our travel blogs, I rely on this blog so regularly as a kind of diary . . . when did this thing … Continue reading “Heinz-ing it”

How do you measure a life?

Tomorrow morning I’m up and out at 6am to go to Graham, the tiny town where I was born, in far north Texas. I’m curious to see Graham, but obviously the reason I’m going is to reconnect to Big Daddy, who died of cancer in July, 1971, when I was 12. Everyone who knows me … Continue reading “How do you measure a life?”

bouncing kisses

Somehow I’ve set my phone to back up every picture I take to my laptop. I only realized this when my hard drive was so full the computer quit working, and I started poking around to solve the mystery. And there they were, thousands of pictures and videos, saved to a folder buried in the … Continue reading “bouncing kisses”

three things: 1/5/17

1)  I once knew a very bitter old woman named Ann-Marie who said NO, no matter what you asked. Back when her kids were almost teenagers (she was in her late 70s when I met her), she had gotten tired of doing for everyone, of always being the one who sacrificed, and so she decided … Continue reading “three things: 1/5/17”