a little bit of housekeeping

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SO. As I said before, I am wanting to pay extra close attention the first year in our new home, in Heaventree. My husband suggested that I start a blog for it, as I would for any of our vacations, so he could read it (he does not read this blog). I’ve done that on a blog in a subdirectory of my pillbug queen site (http://www.pillbugqueen.com/heaventree/), and if you follow my blog page on Facebook you’ll see that posts on that blog are automatically feeding there — so if that’s where you find me, on Facebook, it should be invisible to you which blog you’re reading. All you see is a new post.

BUT if you don’t follow me on Facebook, you won’t know about the Heaventree posts; I mean, I’ll still write here too of course, but this blog is more personally personal, if that makes sense, and that blog is looking closely at my first year here. If you are an email subscriber to this blog, I’ve made it possible for you to email subscribe to the Heaventree blog too, so head over there and you’ll see the email subscribe option in the right sidebar.  (EDIT: I was having trouble with the feed, sorry, try again! It worked for me……let me know if it doesn’t work for you please.)

I won’t be flooding both blogs with words; if you’ve been around the Palace for long, you know that I typically blog in bursts, with long fallow periods — but never more than one post/day. Even with both of these blogs up and running, I seriously doubt I would post on both blogs in a single day. And you can always unsubscribe with a click of a link, if you like.

I’m getting used to the soft shushing of the trees all day — not so used to it that I no longer hear it, but just used to it so I don’t think it must be raining. This is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. xoxox

7 thoughts on “a little bit of housekeeping”

  1. How wonderful your new place is!! The beauty of all those trees alone would do it for me but then you have the added music of the creek. How lucky you are. I don’t envy all that clean up though. My sister moved into a house years ago that had the same kind of mat of cat hair on the living room carpet. She realized that her husband’s work boots were moving the mat around when he walked across the carpet so she, on her hands and knees, got that whole mess of animal hair up by scraping his boot against the pile of the thing. GAK! I would also be driven insane by the stair placement. Drunk is right. I’m so happy for you though in spite of the excess of dog hair and the stupid steps. You will really enjoy living there. Excess dog hair aside. I’m kind of not looking forward to it but my hubby just bought himself a Bernese puppy. She will not come to live here and ruin my back yard until the end of July. Sigh. I’m sure she will be darling but big and hairy. I am not going to scrape any carpet with a work boot however. 😉 BTW…I can’t sign up for emails for this Heaventree blog. I have no idea why. I’ll keep up with you on Facebook. Love and hugs xoxoxox

    1. Well, I can only commiserate with you about your new pup. BUT for all I know, they simply never ever cleaned this house. It kind of looks that way. Maybe with regular upkeep you will only know the pup is there by the destruction to your gorgeous back yard.

      There’s something seriously wrong with my email subscription feed thing, I’ve got to work on it apparently. I signed up yesterday before I published this post, and it worked beautifully….and now it doesn’t work at all, you’re right. Says email subscriptions aren’t allowed, or something weird like that. Thank you for letting me know!

      Love you to bits and pieces, my beautiful friend. xoxoxoxox

  2. “This is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.” – – – > The most beautiful thing to read coming from you. Heaventree’s wild energy will do wonders for your soul. I’m so happy for you. Love you xox

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