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When my kids were little, I liked to break up our dinner routine now and then with what I just sort of slapdash named a “snacky snack feast,” which was just a cheese platter, essentially (though the quality of the cheeses definitely changed for the better as they got older) — cheese, bread, crackers, grapes, apples, pears, sausage, nuts, etc. Ours wasn’t at all fancy, for sure! When they were little, they loved little smokies, those cocktail style sausages, and I think they still do love them, and maybe not just for sentimental reasons.

Somehow that name stuck; maybe it was the fun of it, the kid-style rhythm of it….snacky snack….and sometimes the word ‘feast’ is included and sometimes it isn’t, but we all know exactly how to make a snacky snack feast.

So you know I was completely making it all up as I went along, as a mother, even more than we all are, since all I knew were the things NOT to do. I had no traditions to pass on, so I had to make them up — and this was before the Internet and Pinterest, so it was a challenge! 🙂 Later I learned that some of the traditions I made up were “real” traditions that others had, like new pajamas on Christmas Eve, although I’ll bet those people don’t call them “Waiting for Santa Nighties.” It was the one gift the kids were allowed to open on Christmas Eve, and it was fun when they didn’t know what it would be, and it continued to be fun after they did. I love to visit my adult daughters’ homes and see their husbands wearing flannel pajama bottoms, because I know those had once been their Waiting for Santa Nighties.

Of the many good things I made up for my kids, these two have really stuck, and you can’t imagine how much deep pleasure that gives me. And the most hilarious thing is the way they spread it around; Katie’s last boyfriend, before she married Trey, tried to make a little fun of it (“are we going to have foodie-food?”) and she was not having it — so even he still calls it snacky snack. (He may smirk inside, but he’s too kind to show that. He’s still our friend.) So when I hear my sons-in-law say “snacky snack” I almost burst of happiness. It’s a REAL thing in the next generation of my family. And I hope with all my heart that Oliver and Lucy and Ilan prepare snacky snack feasts for their children, and tuck WFSNs, as they’re now shorthanded, under the tree for Christmas Eve.

But here’s the most hilarious thing. You’d have to know my husband to appreciate this fully, but this year we are so happily getting to spend Christmas alone together. For the last five years I’ve been overjoyed to spend it with Katie and Trey (and then also Oliver, and then also Lucy), and I was also sad not to be spending it with him. So this year I’ll miss Katie and family a lot, and I’m glad to spend this one with him, here at our new home in the mountains. So of course I wanted us to have a snacky snack feast one day; he’s making a big ham and mashed potatoes for Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day we’re driving back into the city, so we will be having snacky snack feast together Friday night. And he just slid right into that phrase. “Honey, is there anything else I need to pick up for our snacky snack feast?” I almost died from the sheer delight of hearing HIM say that phrase. That’s where the “you’d have to know him to appreciate it” comes in, but it’s a bit of lighthearted child thing, that phrase, and that’s not him — but it can be now. And whether this is right or wrong, I’m taking that as a personal win.

If you love looking at cheese boards, you will LOVE Lilith Spencer’s Instagram account. She’s @cheesemongrrl. Here’s her latest post:

that’s a snacky snack feast I could totally get behind

RELISH your traditions, they are so precious — and oh the joy of seeing them continue into the future. <3 <3

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  1. This is so beautiful! We have a few of those too but don’t yet know the delight of them being passed on. Cheeseboard dinner is something I can totally get behind 😎.
    And I love the last anecdote about Marc. There’s a delight when you talk about him that I love. Sometimes it’s perplexed delight but it’s beautiful to see. With love, Amelia.

    1. You will have glory x 6, watching your loving traditions move out into the world! It’s really the most amazing thing to watch. It’s a way you know YOU will carry forward through time, too. When I was making up traditions, I wasn’t thinking ahead, beyond my kids’ childhoods, I was just throwing a lot of things against the wall and hoping some stuck. Gosh it’s wonderful.

      And thank you for the note about Marc; I’m happy to hear that my delight does show through. I think I most often feel the perplexed bit so I always hope that that isn’t the dominant thing I say about him, because the simpler delight is just so keenly present. xxx my dear Amelia.

  2. I love this name! This is one of our favorite kinds of dinner, bits and bobs of whatever sounds yummy (but always with good cheese) put out for taking little bites of. (And it’s one more reason why I just can’t get my head around veganism – how would we have a bits and bobs dinner without cheese?) I like snacky snack feast a LOT.

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