Sometimes the best happy is the small potatoes happy. I’m not dissing the “knock your socks off” happy, it’s great. But there’s something just so satisfying about the small potatoes happy. Here are the small potatoes happy in the last couple of days of my life:

    • A client of mine who refers to himself as my “Jewish dad” just kept on being kind to me, over and over. And he sent me little emails conveying messages from his wife, my “Jewish mother.” Sweet.
    • Katie and Trey ate dinner at my house, and the company was so sweet, the food was so good (shrimp and asparagus risotto, a salad, and apple crisp), and I got to have members of my family around my table. Is there anything happier than that?
    • Yesterday I went to brunch with my gang — remember my gang? It was such a nice time, warm and friendly people, so many to talk to one-on-one (my favorite way to talk to people), and then the person sitting next to me paid for my meal. Unexpected, no arguing, sweet.
  • Yesterday I opened my door to go check my mail and tripped over a box. Hmmm, not expecting a box, but then again since I’ve had to buy everything, deliveries are not that unusual. I opened it and there was a book about nature in Austin, and a fold-out guide to area birds. I stood there for a few minutes frowning and scratching my head….gee, I didn’t remember ordering that, what? Finally I noticed the packing slip and saw that it was sent from a friend of mine in Connecticut. Out of the blue, an act of such sweet kindness. So I can further enjoy my little birds. Blew me away.


    • There is a giant red-bellied woodpecker that has made itself at home on my patio. It comes up, perches awkwardly on my bird feeder, and my sweet little finches fly away. (I always pull for awkward creatures, as one myself.) The poor woodpecker has such a hard time, its big body kind of hangs down and it has to reach up into the little ports to get some seeds. But it’s really great to see such a striking-looking bird so close. That’s some small potatoes happiness right there, my friends.
        • I got a bag of Meyer lemons! What’s your favorite thing to make with them? I’m torn between some lemon curd and lemon bars.
      • I bought 30 frames with white mats to hang some of my favorite photographs from my world travels. It’s been painful but wonderful going through the hundreds of pictures I have, selecting my favorite 30 pictures (so hard to narrow it down!). On the mat for each photograph, I wrote the place and year I was there:


I still have 12 to put in frames — I’m doing 6 at a time, and as soon as I finish I’ll have to figure out the where and how to arrange them. I love looking at them.

And the days have been beautiful, upper 60s, blue skies, very nice — better for a wobbly person than gray dirty-cloud skies, for sure. I think the key to making it is finding the small potatoes and being really happy with them, don’t you?

Happy Sunday, and appreciate your own little spuds today, yeah?

good thing of the day:Β sleep! I’m back to sleeping, and it’s the most precious thing, never ever to be taken for granted. Seriously.

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  1. Happy Sunday! I am so glad to hear you are sleeping again. I was worried about you. And, of course, my vote for the Meyer lemons is to make lemon curd. They are much too precious to be made into lemon bars. Save those for the lemons you can buy any time of the year. (Sheepishly admitting I just polished off my third batch of Meyer lemon curd last week.)

    1. Thank you! I am thrilled to be sleeping again myself. And actually, I’m sleeping better than I have for a couple of years. My normal pattern the last couple of years was to fall asleep at 11, wake up at 1 and be awake until 3:30 or 4, and then wake up around 7. Now I fall asleep but don’t do that middle-of-the-night awake. AT ALL. It’s just glorious…..and I was very worried about not sleeping too, when my sleep-deprived brain allowed a rational thought.

      I’ve never made lemon curd so don’t have a favorite recipe — I’m making this one:

      Do you have a well-loved recipe? I gather you must, if you just polished off a third batch. πŸ™‚ I love that, you’re my kind of woman.

      1. I used the Perfect Lemon Curd recipe on Allrecipes.com. I would give you the link, but I am down visiting my mom and am on my iPad. I’m not good with doing links on it. πŸ™‚

        1. oh, that’s OK! I can find it then. Katie loves allrecipes, I need to get in the habit of looking there. Have a nice visit, and then safe travels home. xo

  2. Thrilled that you are sleeping. Ah, what a wonderful, healing thing sleep is to body and soul. I am all about small potatoes happy myself. I thrive on the little happy things in life. So happy with you.

    1. Indeed! The things that should be easiest — sleeping, eating, breathing — can actually be the most difficult. It’s pure pleasure to be able to sleep again, like getting a long drink of cool water. Man, pleasure.

      And I think it’s a fine art, being able to take so much from the smallest potatoes. πŸ™‚

  3. Sleeping again? What wonderful news!! Sleep makes anything seem possible πŸ™‚

    I am a HUGE fan of all things lemon. Make whatever you wish and I approve (and drool).

    Bird book from friend? BRILLIANT, such a kind and thoughtful gift.

    I LOVE your idea of the same frames with pics from all over the world. What an interesting display it will make. (Me, I am thinking a pack of Blu-tack and I will cover my toilet wall with collected postcards I have gathered from everywhere.)

    we are heading to Ubud, Bali tomorrow for a week-long holiday. Getting reallyexcited.

    Monday is good. . . .

    1. Bali! I’ve always wanted to go to Bali — I hope you post photos! And sleep really does make anything seem possible (and it’s corollary: lack of sleep makes nothing seem possible). Have fun in Bali, and safe safe travels, Laura!

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