a quick note of personal honesty

SO! Last night I slept in the house all alone; Marc went back to the city for three nights, and I’m here car-less and in the silence. I was a little bit afraid but not too much. There are so many second homes up here — lots of people in the city keep a summer home in the mountains — and if anyone had been watching the house, they might’ve thought that the house would be empty. No car in the driveway, after a few weekend days of a car in the driveway, typical summer home appearance. Apparently there were two escaped and violent convicts from Tennessee in this specific area (even spotted on Saturday in Margaretville, the nearest hamlet and where we shop for groceries), I mean this sounds like a movie doesn’t it!

So I left a light on downstairs last night and the fan was whirring in the bedroom window, and I hoped for the best. And of course this morning I woke up unmurdered. 🙂

But my quick note of personal honesty is that I’m so very very glad to be alone in the house for a few days. Marc is so chatty. So chatty. Chat chat chat chat chat. And he’s not a loud talker, more of a mumbler, so it takes a bit of focus to hear him….and he is a slow talker, and he just seamlessly goes from topic to topic in one very long breath until he runs out of air so it’s hard to get a word in, and by the time he stops for a breath the topic has changed a couple of times from what I wanted to say in response to where he started.

There are trailheads all around us — this was a walk to the Lost Clove trailhead after dinner yesterday. It’s just so beautiful I can’t really believe it.

The relief is, of course, that we are in this very large space, two floors and a full basement, and then the glorious outdoors –so it’s not like being in the tiny little apartment in the city, where there is no place to step aside for a moment of solitude. The house is so tightly built, and so well-insulated, that unless we are on the same floor I can’t make out anything he’s saying…..and while I have told him that 2.3K times by now, he just keeps chatting even if I’m on a different floor.

So there is today’s moment of personal honesty, not appropriate for the Heaventree post I’m composing in my mind. So much to share about the early days of living here, both in the area and in this house, but that will be a different post to be written later.

[And in the “good grief, she would complain if she were hung with a new rope” category, the irony is not lost on me that I lived in a kind of despair with my first husband, who almost never spoke, who never shared himself in any real way, and who wasn’t at all affectionate….I never dreamed I would complain about someone talking too much, telling me his thoughts and feelings, and being affectionate! I keep having these moments of awareness during my ear-craving for a bit of silence that he is wanting to share himself and his thoughts with me, and I’m grateful for that. But with just a little bit of silence too. (Please.) (Thank you.)]

trouble overload

UNCLE. OK, you crazy universe, enough already. I give, you win, uncle!

I’m really tired — tired physically, tired emotionally, tired of. Tired of profundity, even. I long for a period of dull and boring, of small potatoes silliness. I long to be ignored by the machinery.

Yesterday dear Katie and Trey were helping me get my cool new couch into my little place, and somehow I twisted in a strange way and seem to have cracked a rib — one of the little short ribs, on the left side. I’m OK as long as I don’t move or breathe, but I don’t see that working for long, right now. Maybe this was the glancing blow on the way out the door by the cranky old universe, which surely has better things to do . . . and that reminds me of Peter Cook’s devil in Bedazzled, who busied himself in quiet times by instigating little mischiefs, like putting scratches on records and popping off a button on new shirts.

Move on, Mephistopheles/Peter Cook. Your work here is done.

Despite the little rib debacle, we got a lot done! We got the couch moved in, and while the size is a bit of a problem, it looks SO much better in the space than I worried it might. We bought two queen mattress sets, one for me and one for my guest room (hint, hint….), and a beautiful bed and chest of drawers for my bedroom. My television for my bedroom will be delivered Tuesday, cable and internet and telephone will be installed Friday, my mattresses will be delivered Friday, and my bed and chest will come the following week. The only big things left to get are the dining table and chairs, a couple of chairs (a leather club chair for the living room, and a cozy chair for my bedroom), and some bookcases. Some small tables, lamps, a filing cabinet. And then the hundreds of small things including dishes and towels and curtains and all those kinds of things.

I’m not quite sure how I’ll squeeze in the time to do that shopping, because I’ve got so much work to get done. I’ll figure that out later. 

Personally, I’m getting tired of heavy posts. It’s been 5 solid weeks of heavy, and I’m keen to do something else for a while. I look forward to photos of my place, lighter stories, interesting links, and some beauty. I really, really do.