three things: 1/22/17

FEED: I’ll be feeding for a week off the energy from the Women’s March. The organizers in Austin were expecting 22,000 people but there were between 50,000 and 60,000. I marched with my dear friend Deb and my wonderful daughter Katie, who was able to come after all thanks to her husband’s work schedule. We were near the front of the [alleged] starting point, but there were so many people already on Congress Avenue, in front of the capitol, that it was almost an hour before we started moving.

That’s the Texas state capitol (it’s a replica of the US capitol, but in pink granite). Deb and Katie and I were at the bottom of that paired row of trees on the front lawn, waiting to march down…..
Congress Avenue, the broad street that is the center of downtown, going from the capitol, over the river, into south Austin. It was extraordinary, no kidding.

People like to say that Austin is a big city, but it isn’t, really. Chicago, LA, NY, Boston, those are big cities. Austin is a large town with a WHOLE LOT of people in it. So this was amazing. People came in buses from all around the state, they drove in this morning, just to march here, in front of our regressive state government. It was peaceful. Beautiful. I wanted to hug every single person I saw.

Katie and I, waiting for the march to get started, about an hour before it was to begin. Marnie marched in Chicago, and Marc marched in NYC. Our family represented!

SEED: I’ll tell you this: trolls have zero sense of irony. Yesterday a nasty little troll who lives near Roswell, Georgia left an anonymous comment on my blog that said this:

why don’t you and your radical friends move to Russia!!!!! (subject line: “sick of your bs”)

HAHAHAHAHA! Gosh. Where even to begin. I think it’s a safe bet that this troll is a Trumpeter. Right? That she (for I have figured out who she is) voted for Putin’s puppet. What is it about people like this that always makes them tell us to move to Russia, anyway? Also: trolls love exclamation points. !!!!!

And these extra “patriotic” trolls have their little feelings hurt so badly when an American exercises her First Amendment rights. Choose-your-own-patriotism, I guess.

Also, if you are “sick of [my] bs” I have a simple little fix for you: don’t read it! No one is forcing you. Please, feel free to never read my blog again, I’m serious! Do me and yourself a favor, please. Because I’m not going to be silent so you can be comfortable (and especially not on my own damn blog! Sheesh!).

This is something I really do not understand. I know a couple of people who voted for Trump, and I never bring up politics with them. Never. (Similarly, I never comment on (or read) their political FB posts, ever, but they will slap a comment on mine, what??) Because there is no point, the abyss is too deep. I never bring up politics, and if a conversation by others starts drifting in that direction, I do my best to shift it into a safer zone. But they inevitably bring up politics with me, and you can tell that I have opinions, dammit. (And not only that, I’m super angry about this, which they also know from previous times they’ve brought up politics. What is that about?) So if they do, I don’t hold back. I say exactly what I think, and I’m not delicate about it. They brought up the conversation, and they know my position. I get very upset and shaky inside, because one friend especially I care about so much, I love her dearly, and I don’t want to unleash my anger at her, but I am angry. So it’s completely unpleasant for me, I don’t like it, I don’t wish to talk about it, but THEY BRING IT UP. Again and again. One has said things to me like, “Don’t you agree, liberals don’t think for themselves?” WITH FOX NEWS BLARING IN THE BACKGROUND.

Oh, I’m angry. I’m so angry. It’s not pleasant to have these intense feelings, and I am trying to figure out why my fury is this huge. I really hate unfairness, especially when people who have power wield it over those who don’t — that’s something that always makes me see red. So maybe it’s that, I don’t know, but I’d like to get a handle on it so I don’t stroke out, because I have a lot of political work to do.

Trolls? If you don’t like what I write here, on my own tiny little corner of the Internet, just leave me alone. Please.

READ: So I finished reading A Man Called Ove, which took me so long because I’ve been on a great run of sleeping. Here’s my GoodReads review, in case you’re interested in reading the book:

A Man Called OveA Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I was deciding whether to read this book, I noticed that the most common word in all the Amazon and GoodReads reviews was “charming.” And honestly, I couldn’t write a review without that word either! It’s not just that the man called Ove was curmudgeonly charming, it’s that the approach of the book was charming, too. From the funny chapter titles to the way the story is fed out, to the glorious characters, to Ove’s endless stumbling blocks to joining Sonja, every last bit was charming. The general plot was a bit predictable — exuberant new neighbor saves sad old curmudgeon who finds no use for life until she explodes into his life — but honestly? That didn’t matter. I didn’t care. I didn’t care that I spotted the plot arc the moment they met. I didn’t care that the various subplots were predictable. In large part that’s because of the good storytelling, the lovely writing, and the moments of big truth, and in the remaining part it’s because I really cared about Ove, a lot. Really good book, I enjoyed reading it a lot, and always regretted that my time to read is too brief. [View all my reviews]

Now I’m reading another Scandinavian book (Ove was Swedish, this one’s Norwegian) one called Land of Hidden Fires, which I am reading for NetGalley. More on that later. New book club in the house tonight, to discuss Underground Railroad oh heck yeah.

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4 thoughts on “three things: 1/22/17”

  1. I will also feed off the energy of yesterday for a good long time. It was a powerful day full of women…and a few good men…who all rose to the cause. 90,000 of them!! To be with my daughters and granddaughter gave me hope and to hear my darling Livvy yell Si Se Puede along with the crowd filled me with pride.

    I think I have been unfriended by a few people who can’t stand my political views but that’s okay…they can just keep on living in their narrow minded world and leave me alone. I don’t comment on the stuff I see that I despise on a few of my friends Facebook pages because that’s not how this is supposed to work. I will not bend to name calling and bullying and feeling that I can make a hateful remark just because I’m hiding behind my computer. I’m too much of a Minnesotan for that. 😉 But the people that do make me sad and mad and ever so angry. You can believe that I spout off after I shut the machine down. Hubby and I have some rip roaring discussions. Being involved in unions for 45 years you can believe we both have some opinions on worker’s rights, medical benefits, immigration rights, and equal pay for equal work. I can’t stand having an argument on Facebook because really…would you say that to my face?… but the hubster loves nothing more. Different strokes for different folks. Just don’t be mean about it. Telling you to go live in Russia is nuts. It’s like something a kid would say. So….whatever you do, whatever you say, bounces off me and goes back on you. Keep fighting the good fight, my dear, and don’t let some kid ruin your day. You are the best!

    1. You know what’s REALLY funny, Becci? My troll is a grown-ass woman ON RAVELRY. Amazing. I guess being a knitter doesn’t guarantee you’re a decent person.

      Different strokes for different folks, for sure — and I’m sure your husband engages in those discussions with people who like to do that, instead of just jumping on a friend’s or acquaintance’s wall who rarely says anything political and launches into it. I think I could use a little more Minnesotan . . although maybe as awful as this feels, it’s good for me in the long run because I am getting a lot of practice saying my piece even if it makes people mad. Now I just need to extend this practice out beyond politics, and into things associated with me more personally.

      Marnie is coming to Austin tomorrow (with Ilan!!) for a week! You can imagine how excited we are — my daughters and grandkids all together in the same place. You’re very lucky to have yours all so nearby, and I’m glad you are lucky that way. You deserve all the love you have. <3 <3 <3

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